Member Update

March 27, 2020

Hello AXIOS Warriors! 


First, I want to thank you for being a part of AXIOS. It is a unique place where all can go to PLAY safely, learn, and grow both physically and in character. Many members have already sent me messages of support, and I truly appreciate that! Miss you guys! 


During this time, I will be doing my best to continue supporting our community with movement and training practices.  We have decided to stream the Warm Up LIVE in the private AXIOS WARRIORS Facebook group at 11am daily Monday, Wednesday and Friday!


This will be an interactive session so you and the children can ask questions! Please tune in to our "AXIOS Warriors" Facebook Group. If you are not in that private group yet, please send me a Facebook message here so we can add you: 

or watch the recorded video here at your own convenience: 


This will be provided at no charge!


AXIOS is committed to providing quality training for our current students and community during this time of uncertainty. To help supplement your training while at home, we are now making training equipment for purchase!  This is an excellent way to support both your training and AXIOS! If you are interested in purchasing training equipment, here’s the order from with photos and prices! If you have any special request, please contact us at (956) 847-8383. ALL proceeds go toward helping AXIOS with the hard cost of having a physical location. 


If you have other ideas on how you'd like to offer support, please reach out. We’d love to talk and as always, we appreciate all your support! 


Rest assured that AXIOS Warrior Academy will come back stronger and better than ever. We are using this time to improve and upgrade our facility, as well as improving the quality and streamlining of our classes, services and all logistics.


We appreciate you immensely.  Your monthly memberships create much of the solid ground we rely on. We will be providing additional classes as makeups to honor the classes missed during this shutdown. 


We encourage our members to continue their memberships to help us weather the storm.  We will, of course, pause any membership if you are experiencing financial hardship right now. We definitely understand. Please reach out to us at (956) 847-8383 if you have any questions about your particular membership.


Please make sure to check your email or follow us on Facebook and Instagram so you do not miss any important updates!


We truly appreciate your support. We wish you all health and wellness. Take care of yourselves.  We look forward to training with you again soon!


Coach and American Ninja Warrior 


Abel Gonzalez

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